How to make mead.

Before you get started, realize that brewing mead and the over-consumption of alcohol can be hazardous.

Mead is essentially a wine where the fermentable sugars are provided by honey. The bees have done the work of visiting all the flowers and making the honey for you. Mead is simple enough to make with readily-available items. I joke about how all of the ingredients can be bought at the grocery store with food stamps, but please don't do that.

Enough already, what does one need to brew up a simple one gallon batch of mead? The following:
carboy (sanitized)

Fruits are about 15% sugars while honey is about 80%, so you don't ferment the honey without diluting it. A good ratio of honey to water is one quart of honey per gallon of mead (that's one quart of honey plus 3 quarts of water).
Put the honey in a carboy. What's a carboy? In this case, a one gallon glass jug.
Add three quarts of water.
Add the yeast. Bread yeast from your grocer would work, but a champagne yeast from a brewery supply store would be ideal.
Add the airlock and wait about 8 months.
What's an airlock? It's a device that lets the CO2 escape without letting air back in. Do not just seal up your carboy or put the lid back on it. It will explode. Airlocks cost about a buck or two.

This is a simple mead. It will go, but very slowly without yeast nutrient added. Fruits have yeast nutrients, but if you add fruit, you'll need to pasteurize them first.

If you'd like to know the original gravity even after pouring the water on top of the honey in the fermenter, you can use the estimation tool on this page: original_gravity.php