by Orson Scott Card

"The king had shouted instructions to his servants from the moment he entered the house, and Ivan was no sooner seated than bread and cheese and mead were set out in front of him." page 92

"'You can't be drunk on the little bit of mead you've had'" page 98

"Ignoring the protests of those whose mead he had spilled, Ivan squatted down, reached his arms around the woman's waist and clasped his hands just under her sternum." page 98

"'Lucky for you the princess got your promise first,' said Dimitri's sister, Lybed, her eyes alight with something more than mead." page 100

"'I hope you have a bit of mead to keep my throat open.' Nadya handed her a pot of mead." page 107

"'The stuff stank so bad I could hardly tell that it was supposed to be mead in the dish.'" page 150