A Storm of Swords

by George R.R. Martin

"A dark young man and a pretty blonde woman were sharing a horn of mead." pg. 78

"And here also Tormund Thunderfist, Husband to Bears, the Mead-king of Ruddy Hall, Speaker to Gods and Father of Hosts." pg. 80

"Will you take a horn of mead?" pg. 82

"I betook of your lord father's meat and mead, had a look at Kingslayer and Imp ... and made passing note of Lord Eddard's childrena and the wolf pups that ran at their heels." pg. 83

"More mead?" pg. 83

"He took a long draught of mead to buy time for his answer." pg. 83

"Jon took another swallow of mead." pg. 85

"Mead-king of Ruddy Hall, Husband to Bears, Father to Hosts?" pg. 168

"I was in Ruddy Hall, with only a cask o' mead to keep me company and nothing to do but drink it." pg. 168

"The day we leave, he'll tap a keg o' mead and sit down to feast on ham and honey." pg. 374

"Lothar's bastard brother Walder Rivers was another matter; a harsh sour man with old Lord Walder's suspicious face, he spoke but seldom and devoted most of his attention to the meat and mead that was set before him." pg. 399

"Last night Lamprey had brought them half a beef-and-bacon pie, and a flagon of mead as well." pg. 404

"We will fall upon the Moat from three sides on the first day of the new century, as the ironmen are waking with hammers beating at their heads from the mead they'll quaff the night before." pg. 526

"His voice is sweet as mead." pg. 532

"We drank the sweetest mead the day Craster made me a wife." pg. 532

"Arya glanced inside as the Hound drove past the first of the three, and saw hundreds of men crowding the benches and jostling around the casks of mead and ale and wine." pg. 572

"He sipped hippocras in preference to wine or mead, and ate but little." pg. 574

"The ale, wine, and mead were flowing as fast as the river outside." pg. 575

"The Freys had provided wagons of wine, ale, and mead, so the common soldiers could drink to the wedding of Riverrun and the Twins." pg. 577

"There were flagons of milk and flagons of mead and flagons of a light sweet golden wine to wash it down." pg. 661

"I've brought my own septon, and a singer, and mead for the wedding feast." pg. 771

"Afterwards trestle tables were set up beneath the small flint tower, and they feasted on quail, venison, and roast boar, washing it down with a fine light mead." pg. 771

"Mead and marriage had taken years off Lady Lysa." pg. 772

"Mead only makes me merry." pg. 773

"She saw him entering a hall built of huge logs, where dogs slept by the hearth and the smell of meat and mead hung thick in the smoky air." pg. 814

"The skin was full of mead, but a mead so potent that it made Jon's eyes water and sent tendrils of fire snaking through his chest." pg. 833

"He lifted the skin of mead." pg. 833

"A cask of mead was being rolled up the plank when she arrived." pg. 853