A Dance With Dragons

by George R.R. Martin

His sleeping pelts and woolen smallclothes, his sheepskin boots and fur-lined gloves, his store of mead and hoarded food, the hanks of hair he took from the women he bedded, even the golden arm rings Mance had given him, all lost and left behind. pg. 6

The Brave Magister was taking on some mead. pg. 195

"I was a guest beneath your roof and ate of your meat and mead," she said. pg. 217

The Windblown were not the sort of companions Quentyn would have chosen, but he had crossed the sea with them, shared their meat and mead, fought beside them, traded tales with those few whose talk he understood. pg. 328

A horn of mead was never far from his hand, so the spittle he sprayed when making threats was sweet with honey. pg 700

Tormund was not the sort of man to waste good mead. pg. 700

"When all my folk are safe behind your Wall, we'll share a bit o' meat and mead. Till then ..." pg. 700

Within was a mead so potent it made Jon's eyes water and sent tendrils of fire snaking through his chest. pg. 777.

Now bring out the mead! pg. 911